in mari marmara

Istanbul / Beylikdüzü

Project Status: Completed

Development Area: 10,375 m²

+90 212-875 30 40

On one of the most special shores of the Marmara Sea; In Beylikdüzü, he greets you with a brand new project: Inmari marmara. Always wanting to see the sea across, adopting it as a lifestyle; For the Chosen, where the day, night and life "point with the finger"!

Marmara is always at your window in Inmari Marmara, Istanbul is right next to you. And life is even more distinguished than your dreams, more exclusive to you than ever before! ...


For those who think high on life ...


Special, more special, most special… And high! A non-standard design for those who set the standards. In Inmari Marmara, not square meters, but cubic meters will be discussed. Spacious and unlimited with a ceiling height of 6.30. :


In 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 loft flats, not only for those who miss a "quiet, calm and exclusive" life, but for those who want to live life and all its blessings, out of sight, with only their own rhythm ...

Far from the crazy crowd!

Istanbul / Beylikdüzü

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