KEYIZR005 - Luxury Villas for sale in Izmir, Turkey

Izmir / Çeşme

Project Status: Completed

Development Area: 21,000 m²

90 555-171 77 19

Luxury Villas for sale in Izmir, Turkey

The project consist of 29 smart villas in a combound system, the villas come in six main spaces each one of them has its own swimming pool and garden as well as a fool sea view. Moreover, in the combound you can find many social faciltiy can garantuee for you both luxury and relaxing environemnt that you deserved. All of that with 100% safety environment regarding to the securtiy system inside the project. 

Social Facilities

Privte Swimming Pool, Private Garden, Café

Technical Speicifications

Garage, Smart home technologies


start from 1000,000 Usd and up to 1,500,000 Usd 

Izmir / Çeşme

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