Istanbul / Esenyurt

Project Status: Completed

Development Area: 6,338 m²

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The project consists of 6338 m2 of which 4000 m2 of green space is found. In the complex 104 flats in two blocs, 9 stores, a semi-olimpic swimming pool, play-ground, walking areas, parking garage. You may refresh yourself at the end of the day by walking in the garden of 4000 m2 of size. You may enjoy chatting with your neighbors and guests at the pool side, you may have good time with your children in play-grounds and children’s parks.

Soil Structure: Boored-pile under the ground.

The Tecnique of Construction and Macrostructure: C-30 Type Concrete, Spread Footing

Heat, Water and Voice Insulation:  The Heat and Water Insulation of the External surfaces left outside,  jacketing at the exterior insulation.

Windows and Balcony Doors: ( Woodworks) PVC woodworks, double-glass, marble windowsledge according to the project of windows and balcony doors.

Heating System: Central heating, honeycomb radiators.

Air-Conditioning system: The infrastructure for air-conditioning to each flat’s saloon.

Elevators:  Two TSE-certificated full automatic elevators in every floor’s vestibule.

Electrical System: Elevator, generator, hydrophore, coloured vision diaphone, fire extinguisher sprinkler in the stories of parking lots, in floor vestibules fire-adopter and photocelled lamps, static grounding apparatus.

Electrical infrastructure: In all flats, viko brand power outlets and keys, telephone plugs in saloons, kitchens and bedrooms, TV plugs, electrical power outlet and Siemens circuit breakers.

Building automation: In the flats, coloured-vision diaphone system which is able to communicate among flat and which commands the door-check.

TV and telephone infrastructures: Two external telephone lines to each flat, TV installations suitable to Digitürk – DSMART and satellite systems

Sanitary installations systems: Hot water to be provided to flats will be prepared in the central heating system.

Fire and ventilation systems in line with the fire department specifications.

Floor vestibules and staircases:  One main staircase and one fire escape ladder, aluminium staircase balustrades, steps of ladder made of marble. Photo-celled lamp and fire adopter, Knauf Drywall suspended ceiling.

Antechambers and corridors: Veneer coat hanger, floor-tile groundwork.
Kitchen: PVC membrane plated kitchen.
First-Class Kitchen Apparatus.
Franke (or its equivalent) kitchen sink and faucet.
Siemens (or its equivalent) encastrated white appliances: Owen, cooker, kitchen hood, washing machine.
Bathroom: PVC membrane-coated bathroom cupboards.
Vitra-brand (or its equivalent) kitchen-sink or Artema (or its equivalent) faucet.
Vitra-brand (or its equivalent) sanitary-ware (wash-hand basin, bath-tube, flush-toilet, built-in reservoir.)
Artema brand (or its equivalent) floor-tile and wall-paper.
Knauf Green drywall suspended ceiling.
The Ventilation installation in suspended ceiling.
Balconies: Aliminium balcony balustrade and floor-tiles.
Doors: First class wooden coated internal door.
First class wooden coated steel door.
Other: Security at all times.
The reception and lobby at the entrance.

Istanbul / Esenyurt

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